Orders Link2 Jobs for Adagio

Allocate any order to a job and manage your cost of sales!

Uses lines items entered in Adagio OrderEntry.

  • Takes displays all the necessary information for line item details including cost, order #, and job description

  • Allocate invoices, credit notes and even comments to any job

  • Costs will debit your job cost clearing account and credit your cost of sales account in Adagio Ledger

Easily allocate items to jobs

  • Allocate one or multiple items to a phase and category associated with their job

  • Edit the job number and have it update Adagio for you

  • View additional details about the Job-Phase-Category without needing to open the module


How it Works with Adagio

Orders Link2 Jobs for Adagio
Adagio OrderEntry

Adagio OrderEntry

Job item details (cost, number, quantity) are entered as an order which is then invoiced for $0. This reduces any items from inventory while avoiding the creation of an entry in accounts receivable. It also allows you to create a pick slip for shipping items to a job site.


Orders Link2 Jobs

Orders Link2 Jobs automatically displays all items associated with jobs and provides a simple user interface for allocating items to their proper phase and category. Once completed, it will create offsetting entries for Adagio JobCost and Ledger.

Adagio JobCost

Import Cost Batch into Adagio JobCost

Costs will be allocated to the job-phase-category specified in OL2JC and displayed as Total Incurred Costs. Posting the batch will send a credit entry to your job cost clearing account and a debit entry to your WIP account.

Adagio Ledger

Retrieve batch into Adagio Ledger

Once posted, the batch retrieved from OL2J will debit your Job Cost clearing account and credit your Cost of Goods Sold account.

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  • training included
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited remote support