Ship2Link for Adagio

  • Transfers all shipping information and line item details to your shipping software
  • Receives tracking details and shipment costs from the courier and automatically updates the order
  • The invoiced order will have all tracking details when sent to the customer so they can track the shipment themselves rather than contacting you
  • Integrates with your preferred shipping company and Adagio OrderEntry

How it Works with Adagio

Ship2Link for Adagio
Adagio OrderEntry

Adagio OrderEntry

Prepare an order in Adagio OrderEntry.  

Send Shipment Details

Open Ship2Link and specify which courier service you wish to send your orders with. Use Ship2Link's Export Shipment function to prepare all shipping details.


Courier Processes Details

Your chosen courier will receive your shipment details (destination, weight, number of items, etc.) and send the tracking information back to you.

Import Tracking Details

Import your shipment's tracking details. Ship2Link will write back all tracking information and prices to OrderEntry. You have the ability to customize where these details will be stored.

Adagio OrderEntry

Ready for Shipping

Your order will be updated in OrderEntry and is ready for invoicing.

Available through Subscription



  • + $500 system setup per courier
  • training included
  • includes product upgrades
  • unlimited remote support