• Uploads PDF documents to your Android device
  • Captures a finger signature and applies it to any uploaded document
  • Fully integrated with Adagio DocStore
  • Emails your signed document to any number of additional parties
  • Filter documents by name and/or delivery
  • Integrates with any accounting solution

How it Works with Adagio DocStore and OrderEntry

Sign4it, Adagio DocStore

Adagio OrderEntry

Generate Packing Slip in OrderEntry

Select an order and create a PDF packing slip for it. The generated document will be saved to a location on your computer accessible by Sign4it.


Open Sign4it

All PDFs generated by OrderEntry will appear in a list and the user chooses which documents they want downloaded to their device. The user will then select a document and it will appear on their device’s screen, ready to have a signature captured. Signatures can be affixed to documents using a stylus pen or a finger.

Adagio DocStore

Return the Signed Document via DocStore

The signed document will be returned to OrderEntry and attached, via DocStore, to the order that the packing slip was generated from. The signed document can then flow with the order as it becomes invoiced and enters other Adagio modules. The signed document can also be emailed to any number of recipients to ensure everyone who wants a signed copy will receive one.

Available through Subscription



  • + $1500 system configuration
  • + $100 setup per mobile device
  • training included
  • unlimited remote support