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Link2 FlowThru
As a not-for-profit, your funding can often come from a single source and then need to be split among multiple recipients, residents or vendors. Our Link2 FlowThru solution eliminates the need to have of spreadsheets to track the various allocations and duplicate entries for each recipient.

If you need to handle transactions or transfers to multiple company or department datasets, X-Company can help. It allows you to access the chart of accounts for all associated datasets so you can easily allocate intercompany payments or invoices.


Our clients have identified many pain points within the distribution process and we are here to help.

Our Ship2Link solution will take an order's shipment details and prepare them for your courier, eliminating the need to manually enter these details in their software. It will also update each order in Adagio OrderEntry with the shipment's tracking number.

Payments on Orders
Payments on Orders allows your business to accept any form of pre-payment for a purchase or order. This includes deposits, payments paid in full at time of purchase, and webstore payments on sales orders.

Link2 Points
Link2 Points works great for companies that do volume purchasing with participation in a Buying Group(s).

Making the move to a paperless environment? Sign4it provides electronic Proof of Deliveries, receipted packing slips, and payments on sales orders.

Job Shops

Orders Link2 Jobs
Orders Link2 Jobs allows a user to allocate items from Adagio OrderEntry to any job or process in Adagio JobCost. It will then create entries in your job cost clearing and cost of sales accounts for the amount associated with that job or process.

Custom Views with Adagio GridView
If you're a project manager and in need of a solution to help track summary details for a project, contact our associates at Stief Group and let them create a custom View to suit your needs.

First Nations

Link2 FlowThru
If you need help distributing transfers from funding agencies to multiple recipients or departments in Adagio Payables and/or Receivables , you need to look into Link2 FlowThru.

X-Company simplifies interdepartment due to/from balancing for interdepartment expenses and revenues.


Are you using spreadsheets to keep track of how much your intercompany owes your parent company or another intercopmany? We were, until we developed X-Company. Now we can view the chart of accounts of all intercompanies and allocate their contribution of any invoice, payment, or job, in a single batch. Problem solved.

Point of Sale

MyPOS Connect for Adagio
If you need a POS system that handles split tender processing, barcode scanning, and has the ability to use multiple aliases on items, talk to us about MyPOS Connect for Adagio. It's a touch screen–compatible cloud solution for Point of Sale (POS) operations that features unattended integration to and from Adagio Receivables, Inventory, OrderEntry and BankRec.


Lenmax WMS
Our Warehouse Management System solution will be posted soon! Contact us for immediate information.


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