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Your funding can often come from a single source but be required to be split among multiple recipients, residents or vendors. Our Link2 FlowThru eliminates the use of spreadsheets to track the various allocations and duplicate entries for each recipient.

If you're required to handle transactions or transfers to multiple company or department datasets, X-Company can help. It allows you to access the chart of accounts for all associated datasets so you can easily allocate intercompany payments or invoices.


There are many pain points within distribution and we can help.

Ship2Link will solve your shipping woes by integrating Adagio OrderEntry with your preferred courier.

Link2 Deposits on Orders allows you to take any form of pre-payment. This includes deposits, paid in full payments, and even webstore payments on sales orders.

Job Shops

Orders Link2 Job Costing allows you to create packing slips or running work orders in Adagio OrderEntry and ship the costed items from inventory to a job.

Custom GridViews can be created by the professionals at Stief Group that will track all summary details every project manager needs.

First Nations

If you need help distributing transfers from funding agencies to multiple recipients or departments, you need to look into Link2 FlowThru.

X-Company eliminates interdepartment Due to/from balancing for interdepartment expenses and revenues.


Are you keeping track of how much your intercompany owes your parent company or another intercopmany with spread sheets? We were, so we developed X-Company. Now we can view the chart of accounts of all intercompanies and allocate their contribution of any invoice, payment, or job, in a single batch. Problem solved.

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We have provided many custom solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries not listed here. Please contact us and let us know what ype of solution you are looking for.