X-Company for Adagio
  • Eliminates the duplication of entries between entities that share allocations from vendor invoices, payroll distributions, customer invoices and journal entries.

  • Automatically retrieves sub-ledger allocation batches from each intercompany entity.

  • Integrates with Adagio Payables, Receivables, JobCost, Ledger, and MultiCurrency.

How it Works

Accounts Payable Process

X-Company for Adagio

Expense Invoice Sent to Company A

Company B’s share of the invoice is 30% while Company C’s share is 20%. Company A will Pay the invoice but requires payments from both intercompanies.

Invoice is Entered into X-Company

All invoice details are entered into X-Company including what account an intercompany’s share of the expense will be allocated to. X-Company allows you to access your intercompany’s Chart of Accounts so you know exactly where to allocate the expense.

Retrieve X-Company Batch in Adagio Payables

Open Adagio Payables and a batch from X-Company will be waiting for you. Post the batch.

Adagio Ledger Entries

Company A's ledger will show the complete invoice payment, a 30% Due to/From Company B entry, and a 20% Due to/From Company C entry.

Company B's ledger will show a 30% Due to/From Company A.

Company C's ledger will show a 20% Due to/From Company A.