Orders Link2 Jobs for Adagio

Process all invoices with a single payment!

Transfer invoices from one vendor to another.

  • See all outstanding Adagio Payables transactions that belong to a buying group

  • Add any number of transactions from any number of vendors to be posted to your Link2 Points buying group

  • Will automatically apply credits to vendors for each processed invoice

Create your own buying groups.

  • Create any number of buying groups

  • Add any number of vendors to your buying groups

  • Setup your credit cards as buying groups to maximize loyalty points

Provides complete traceability.

  • Provides a complete audit trail showing invoice references and to/from details for both the payment and source vendors

  • Integrates with Adagio Payables


How it Works with Adagio

Link2 Points for Adagio
Adagio Payables

Adagio Payables

Create an Invoice batch in AP and post it. There are no restrictions to the number of invoices, vendors, or batches for transactions to appear in Link2 Points.

Create and post a Link2 Points batch

Once you choose the credit card/buying group you wish to pay all invoices with, you can choose which invoices (or credit notes) you want to process. Simply pick the desired invoices then post them to create a Link2 Points batch.

Adagio Payables

Import the Link2 Points batch into Adagio Payables

The L2P batch will contain two offsetting records for each invoice processed in L2P. One will be an invoice for the credit card/buying group and the other will be a credit note for the original invoice's vendor.

Once the L2P batch is posted the new invoice and credit note will both be applied to the appropriate accounts. The new credit note will be applied to the original invoice as if you were creating a manual check.

Available through Subscription



  • + $500 system configuration
  • training included
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited remote support