X-Company for Adagio
  • Allocate invoices, payments, journal entries, and more to any number of intercompany entity with a single entry
  • Batch entries are instantly created using the next available batch number
  • Generate and print X-Company reports to verify entity distribution
  • Uses a familiar Adagio user interface to reduce training times
  • Integrates with Adagio Payables, Receivables, JobCost, Ledger, and MultiCurrency

How it Works

Accounts Payable Process

X-Company for Adagio

Expense Invoice Sent to Company A

Company B’s share of the invoice is 30% while Company C’s share is 20%. Company A will pay the invoice but requires reimbursement from both intercompanies.

Invoice is Entered into X-Company

All invoice details are entered into X-Company including what account an intercompany’s share of the expense will be allocated to. X-Company allows you to access your intercompany’s Chart of Accounts so you know exactly where to allocate the expense.

Retrieve X-Company Batch in Adagio Payables

Open Adagio Payables and a batch from X-Company will be waiting for you. Once posted, X-Company will be able to release the intercompany entries to their respective ledgers.

Adagio Ledger Entries

Company A's ledger will show the complete invoice payment, a 30% Due to/from Company B entry, and a 20% Due to/from Company C entry.

Company B's ledger will show a 30% Due to/from Company A.

Company C's ledger will show a 20% Due to/from Company A.