Payments on Orders for Adagio

Accept and manage all deposits on orders!

View all outstanding deposits in a single location.

  • Keeps track of all outstanding prepayments in a single account while simultaneously adding funds to your bank account

  • Prepayments are automatically available for reconciliation in Adagio BankRec upon invoicing, ensuring your bank statements are accurate and up to date

Add more functionality to your payment methods.

  • Loads your previously established payment methods from Adagio Receivables

  • Configure payments to automatically calculate transaction fees

More than just deposits.

  • Can be used as the link between your preferred web store and your Adagio financial solution

  • Can also handle credit notes

  • Integrated with Adagio OrderEntry, Receivables, and BankRec


How it Works with Adagio

 Payments on Orders for Adagio
 Adagio OrderEntry

Add the Deposit in OrderEntry

Add the deposit amount to an order as a payment. OrderEntry will send the invoice, less the deposit, to the customer account in Receivables. 

 Adagio Receivables

Invoiced Orders with Deposits in Receivables

Any invoiced orders will be retrieved from OrderEntry, then posted to BankRec in the customer deposit account.


Run Payments on Orders

Payments on Orders will scan OrderEntry for all deposits and create two files with the information. One file will contain all deposit details for your operating bank while the 2nd contains bank statements of individual customer deposits.

 Adagio BankRec

Import both files into BankRec

Both files will be posted as batches. The bank statement file will be used to reconcile deposits on invoiced orders that were retrieved from Receivables. The deposit details will be posted to your operational bank.

Available through Subscription



  • + $500 system configuration
  • training included
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited remote support