Our applications are designed to simplify complicated tasks.
Here is a collection of our most widely used tools.


X-Company allows you to process intercompany transactions in a single batch and will self-balance intercompany due to/from accounts.

Payments on Orders records and processes all types of prepayments on sales orders and automatically applies them to invoices upon shipment of orders. This solution can also be used to help integrate your webstore with Adagio.

Link2 FlowThru helps you allocate large deposits to multiple receivable and/or payable accounts. In addition, this solution eliminates the need to record allocations in spreadsheets.

Orders Link2 Jobs allows you to allocate the cost of parts or services within Adagio OrderEntry to any open job in Adagio JobCost. 

Ship2Link will export all shipping details to your preferred courier and then import the required tracking numbers into Adagio OrderEntry.

MyPOS for Adagio is an intuitive, touch-screen compatible, cloud solution for operations that need a Point of Sale system. It pairs with the following Adagio modules: Receivables, BankRec, Inventory, and SalesAnalysis.